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Page last edited on 23 April, 2003

A Most Valuable Possession...

by Abdullah Ahmad

Ask any Muslim friend of yours, whether male or female, what his or her most valuable possession is?

Many would reply that it's their house or perhaps their brand new car. They seldom realize that the most valuable item that a Muslim possesses in his or her home is the Quran, the greatest book ever revealed to Man. The book was revealed through His messenger Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.

The Quran brought about great changes in the wild, lawless and divided world. It brought unity of belief, submission to authority, the tranquility of prayers and that abstinence from strong drinks which had given Muslim armies throughout history a special advantage.

Quran literally means reading or recitation and the Prophet would inform his companions immediately upon receiving certain verses and they were required to memorize and record what was revealed to him. The whole process took a
period of twenty-three years which finally ended in the compilation of this glorious Book.

The Quran is divided into 114 surahs or chapters. The word surah literally means 'eminence' or 'high degree'. The surahs are of varying lengths. Each verse of the surah is called an ayat. There are ayats that are short and long. The ayat is indeed the true unit of the Quran.

It's really essential that all Muslims must read and understand the true meaning of the Quran. Those that could read but do not understand Arabic could obtain translation of the Quran in a language that he understands. He should consult a good religious teacher if he could not comprehend what had been translated. This would be the best investment of a lifetime.

The Quran has guided Muslims on the right path for centuries and those that have ignored the teachings of Islam were led astray. Nothing could be more rewarding than an understanding of how we were created from the best of molds. There is a vast difference between a person who is spiritual enlightened and one who is guided by instincts and emotions alone. The former is like a ship equipped with a compass and the latter one that is dependent on the vagaries of the weather wandering aimlessly towards nowhere.

It's pointless for a Muslim to possess a string of degrees if he could not read the Quran well. In a world where most things are transient reading and understanding the Quran would help us tremendously in this world and the hereafter.

Although there are no rules, or conditions when one should read the Quran, preferably it should be after the Subh prayers and before retiring to bed. In this manner we are being constantly reminded of how to live like a good Muslim as taught in the verses of the 114 surahs.

Muslims who have never read translations of the Holy Quran tend to be misled by so called religious teachers who by memorizing certain verses of the Quran claim to be Islamic scholars. It's even possible that they could resort to deviationist teachings. There is no such thing as a person who could monopolize the Quran or Islam.

It is undeniable that no other book that has been published equals the Quran is teaching us how to live a life excellence. We are given guidance how to live well when we achieve success materially and how to attain happiness
and joy. Indeed to be a true Muslim, one must follow the teachings of the Quran every time and every where.

Ref:- Islamic Herald Vol.16

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Last updated on 13 March, 2003

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Hate Hurts. Love Cures. Conjecture Fails. Truth Prevails.
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